Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another round of surgery for yours truly :( :( :(

It's back to the operating room for Ms. Two-Broken-Wrists--about two weeks after the surgery on my right hand, the surgically-repaired hand developed swelling and a case of carpal tunnel syndrome that's been getting worse, rather than better. So the doctor scheduled me for surgery this coming Thursday afternoon. He says that this type of surgical repair job is so quick--about 15 minutes--that it's done under local anesthesia. I gotta tell ya, I'm pretty unnerved at the thought of having someone perform surgery on me while I'm conscious, but, on the plus side, it's apparently not that big a deal. The surgeon is still saying that I could be back to work by early March. From his mouth to G-d's ear, as they say in Yiddish. We could certainly use the money--the disability payments are peanuts. Not to mention that I have to get back to work soon if I intend to remain employed, which I do, since I can't afford to lose this job--no one's hiring anyone in this economic climate, much less 60-year-old females.

I'm also hoping that my activities won't be too restricted, as I just lost my home attendant last week--home services got cut off automatically after I started going to an out-of-home clinic for occupational therapy, on the doctor's recommendation--and I don't want to be too much of a burden to my poor overworked resident Certified Public Accountant, who's teaching college accounting full-time and is now in tax season. Yes, we just hired a cleaning person, as it's already too much for the poor hubster that he's stuck with all the cooking--I can now wash a pot, but I can't lift a pot that has food in it. Our usual division of labor is that I handle most of the cooking and cleaning, while he does most of the shopping and laundry. Now that he's stuck with 3/4 of the housework--and will be back to helping me shower and, possibly, dress, for at least 10 more days--it really takes time that he simply doesn't have, especially at this time of year. I feel almost as bad about being a burden on him as about facing surgery again. :(

The good news is that my left hand, though it didn't come out of the cast exactly straight and looks like bleep, is functioning pretty well and getting better. I can now sign my name quite legibly and at nearly-normal speed, hand-write a shopping list, and complete a fill-in-the-blank form with a pen. As of Friday morning, I get to see how good I am at shampooing my hair one-handed. Wish me (and my hubby) luck.


Blogger Jendeis said...

It stinks that you have to go have another surgery. Hoping and praying that you will soon be able to use both hands to shampoo. :)

Wed Feb 11, 08:44:00 AM 2009  
Blogger Larry Lennhoff said...

Refuah Shelaima. I look forward to your return to full function.

Wed Feb 11, 11:01:00 AM 2009  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Jendeis, thanks. I'm looking forward to having both hands back in use.

Larry, thanks for your good wishes, and fun dain mol un G-tt's air arain (from your mouth to G-d's ear).

Thu Feb 12, 06:42:00 AM 2009  

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